Ask and you shall receive

I take time to sit down at my desk, with no distraction but the empty screen.

A glass of red wine to my left. A plate of sliced parmesan cheese to my right.

Because well…life is about balance!

I’ve lit candles in the room and turned off the stereo.

The only thing I hear is the typing of my keyboard and cheerful voices from outside.

Apparently it’s Saturday night.

I know the minute I sit down that I don’t do this enough.

Reflect. Rewind.

As always. Thoughts of gratitude:

For the sanctuary of my home.

For the comfort of this extremely cozy bathrobe.

For questions that are being answered and puzzles making sense.

I have been doing some soul searching lately, and found my way back to threads of thoughts I had left tangled.

Not that I didn’t occasionally pull at them, checked that they were still there.

But this time, I feel like I am finally getting ready to loosen and let go.

And align what is being said, with what is done.

I feel tuned in and I am seeing signs of my recent clarity.

It’s amazing how quickly the Universe responds to your call.

The question is, what do you ask for?

Are you putting yourself out there, asking for guidance?

And do you know, you are being heard?

Someone came along today that was so clearly sent from ‘above’ it leaves me smiling.

Dear Universe,

Thank You for showing me.

Thank You for challenging me.

My answer is Yes.