Feed your soul

I think a lot about Wellness.

I do regular exercise and yoga everyday.

I write a wellness diary, keeping track on how I feel and how I would like to improve.

I follow yogi’s and nutrition consultants on social media.


I believe wellness is not about perfection or constant effort.

I believe it is a mindset, a loving approach to life.

When you have signed up for a weekend in Barcelona, in a shared flat with your best friends, you know it only means one thing:

An over-indulgence extravaganza!

And sometimes, that is just what your soul needs!

From toasting cava and sharing tequila shooters, to drinking mojitos at Cuban clubs, dancing everything from limbo to lambada, the party was wherever we were at.

Reminiscing about good old days in Cape Town and sharing daily stories from our current cities and lives while walking the beautiful streets of Barcelona, I find myself freed from the daily routines.

So I fed my soul crispy croquetas, dark chocolate truffles and sweet nutella waffles, along with endless laughter and love from my friends.