Train thoughts

I find myself on a train, somewhere in the Swedish woods.

I’m at a table and opposite me is a fat woman who probably should have paid for two seats.

On my left another quite sturdy woman is knitting and straight ahead a couple with two young children and a massive dog looks like they have had a long journey already. I ask the fat woman where she is headed and she tells me Luleå, a seventeen hours train ride. Makes my trip between Oslo and Hudiksvall seem short.

I’m going home for the weekend and as usual a combination of peace, nostalgia and excitement fills me up.

Every time is new. Every time is the same.

Each time I’m different. Each time I’m the same.

I take too little time to think these days, I think and catch myself smiling.

Here’s to another five hours on this train.

To green fields, red wooden houses, mirror-like lakes and bright summer skies.

And train thoughts.