Turns to be taken

I’m sitting here, curled up in my bed, safe and sound in a big comfy robe, sipping on a glass of red.

I’m rounding up a great day, spent with new and old friends, walks and talks through the streets of Oslo, places I had never been and turns I had never taken, that still led us back to where we had started, and to where we parted.

My old-time Canadian friend was only in town for a day. I see him once every year or two but it always feels like yesterday. I guess he has become a reference point to which I can see how my life has changed, and how it remains the same.

Things are happening very fast right now, and I haven’t had the time to digest it all, but it’s all really exciting and somewhat unreal.

I am just around the bend.

And a whole new path has opened up in front of me.