A silent summer sigh

The last breath of July came as a silent sigh.

This is the summer that never happened.

But I embrace the change of season, despite autumn arriving about a month too soon.

This is the beginning of the end in many ways, for us anyway.

Three months from now, about this time a day, our plane will be arriving Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we will spend three weeks travelling the country we have wanted to see for so long.

After that, we will steer towards Indonesia and the Gili Islands, where Lee will be doing his dive instructor’s course and me, I’ll be hanging out at the H20 Yoga & Meditation Centre, reflecting on the three years that have passed since I last visited, and plan for the future to come.

An interesting transition is taking place right now, and I feel it’s still too soon for me to put everything in words.

But believe me when I say, I am safe and I am sound.

Exhaling all that has been, inhaling what will be.