Living rooms

The late summer sun hits our windows…

…stained by pollen and rain, it spills on our living room – the table with the Buddha statue, the plants we seem to neglect, the yoga mat that remains spread out on the floor.

The place needs dusting. Like a month ago.

But somehow, we choose to spend the day in bed, looking at guest houses in Sri Lanka, yoga centres in Indonesia and dive jobs in the Seychelles.

We take a lazy bike ride and end up at a cafe having coffee, only to go back home and jump back into bed. Wet clothes are sitting in the washing machine. Breakfast plates are still in the kitchen.

Things can wait.

I woke up feeling unrested and unsettled this morning. Stressful work dreams had left me tossing and turning all night, and I had gone to bed in a bad mood. I told Lee I needed chocolate. And I wasn’t joking. Next thing, he was showing me Tim Tam tricks – and this is something only Australians will understand – and the right way to dip these celebrated chocolate biscuits in hot milk.

We too often take things too seriously.

We keep busy working, cleaning, planning.

All the while, our living rooms are waiting to be lived in.