Jumpsuit kinda night

I was out drinking and dancing until 3 in the morning but I still wake up early, surprisingly full of energy.

What a great night!

I took the bus from Oslo to Gothenburg straight after work yesterday and arrived quite late. The bus driver already put that typical dry Gothenburg humour mark on the trip, as we entered a bus with broken air conditioning:

Enjoy the heat folks. It might be the only one we get to experience this summer. If you need me, you’ll mostly find me by the steering wheel.

And when we arrived: There you go folks. I hope everyone is still with me, safe and sound. And happy.

I smiled ear to ear.

I got out of the bus station and on to a tram, that I hoped was the right one. I will admit, I still don’t get Gothenburg even after all the many times I’ve visited. But somehow, that’s what makes it charming.

IMG_7976I had a number to a guy where I was to pick up a set of keys to my friend’s apartment, in an area I’ve never been. It turned out to be a steep hill, countless stairs and a labyrinth of doors to make it to this place. The wine my friend had left me on the table tasted really good.

Later, I met up with a girlfriend from my home town and we couldn’t stop laughing about our randomly matching outfits – black cotton jumpsuits, gold earrings, side braids and leather handbags. Many caipirinhas later, we were shaking those jumpsuit bums in the basement of a reaggeton bar and to disco funk under the open sky with new and old friends.

I need this weekend so much.