Wow – No cow!

I was only away from Oslo for a weekend, but it felt like a week.

I’m sure my recent Instagram feed would give that impression too… 😉

But I have been working my ass off this summer, taking no holidays, and I deserved this break.

I arrive back with new energy and inspiration.

Inspiration that I don’t find in Norway.

Healthy, organic food has become mainstream in Sweden. Every second cafe serves gluten-free bread, lactose free oat milk smoothies, agave syrup sweetened cookies, kale chips, raw cakes and coconut water. You can buy spirulina, bee pollen and hemp seeds in your local supermarket and even my mother’s 70-year old aunt puts chia-seeds in her cereals.

Organic, fair-trade and free-range products can be found everywhere, and will naturally be more expensive, but not like it was ten-fifteen years ago.



To be vegan is no longer a problem as almond, hazelnut, soya and rice-milk is battling for attention on the supermarket shelves and nice-cream is a term that raise no-ones brow.

Far from Norway – the country of potatoes, pizza and pölse.

Saturday, my sister and I visited a completely vegan restaurant and as I was hanging out at my friend Emma’s SPA hotel, it seemed completely natural that they served green raw juices and walnut-mince taco wraps with mung beans and salad leaves instead of bread.

Sunday, after the yoga class my friend Madelene held, she popped into a food store to buy dairy-free ice cream and I stocked up on raw chocolate.

When it comes to food cultures, Sweden and Norway couldn’t be much further away.

But luckily, it’s only three hours apart.