Magnet messages

We don’t sleep.

We toss and turn and worry.

We get up and open the window when the room gets too hot only to get up and close it when the street outside gets too loud.

I have stressful dreams about my reception work. Guests that needs this or that. Champagne that should have been delivered. Cars that are waiting to be parked.

We don’t see each other because we are in the dark in our messy bedroom. I get home from my job at midnight and he needs to get up to his early morning.

We need change so bad but we both know it will be hard with this situation we are in.

We tell each other it will all be different soon. Later.

When we will be Happier. Healthier.

And all that.

But I was vacuum cleaning yesterday, with tears streaming down my face from pure exhaustion when a fridge magnet that had fell on the floor, almost went into the hose.

I picked it up, like a tarot card.

It was the most simple message.

One word.



(And I knew acceptance and gratitude is always in the Here and Now)