Breezy beach thoughts

I find myself on a beautiful beach, with a name of many vocals, on an island in Greece.

On my one side, the turquoise water gently laps the shoreline, where tourists and locals stroll side by side.

On my other side, my mother lay flat out on a sun bed, basking in the sunlight in her new bright pink bathing suit.

It’s our last day here in Skiathos and ironically a sense of peace has only recently started to set in, just when holiday is about to end.

I have been thinking about ends and beginnings lately.

And although I know it’s only a concept of our minds, of our own imagination, I can’t help but feel like this time is an in-between, a pause, before things start speeding up.

And I know they will.

But until then, I will enjoy the soft and warm breeze that carelessly caresses my salt-stained skin, as I consider another dip in the ocean.