The greater plan

We had a plan. We were in it together.

Until I made other plans.

The decision had been growing like a storm in my head for weeks, maybe longer.

A whisper that had become a voice: This is not meant to last.

I still loved him (I still do)

But in the whirlwind we were in, with both of us quitting our jobs, about to move away from what had become home, leaving everything certain behind and not knowing what would happen, this voice became the only thing I knew.

And the more I knew it, the closer the day until he would too.

For a while I thought we could still travel together but I soon realized we were bound for different directions, in all aspects.

And here we are, with about a week left in Oslo in the remains of our mutual home. Our old hopes and dreams.

I will be travelling to Sri Lanka alone and him to The Seychelles.

I am looking to join a yoga and wellness retreat and find a new career path in holistic Health and Happiness.

He will be working for a large Marine Research Volunteering Organization for a year, a dream job with amazing opportunities world wide.

And as hard as it is to let go, you have to listen and trust that voice…

When it is revealing life’s greater plan.