Once a Thief…

Once a Thief

Same selfie, same smile.

A snapshot two years apart.

In one I am walking out of THE THIEF Hotel after signing my contract, feeling excited and nervous about the new job.

In the other I walk out of those same doors feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, and confident that I can handle so much more than I think.

Working in the reception of Norway’s most prestigious hotel has been a surreal experience.

I have had to juggle in-numerous information, handle an array of different personalities and people, come up with creative solutions and meet expectations of world travelers and superstars.

But I haven’t done it alone.

The amazing team of colleagues, or ‘Thieves’ as we like to title our selves, have all worked together with one common goal: To steal our guests away from everyday life.

On my last day they gathered to greet me good luck and I was overcome by their love and support.

In the end, it seems, I am the one that had my heart stolen.