Casa Colombo and interesting Feng Shui

The rain is pouring down outside the open windows at Casa Colombo Hotel.

Inside, I am comfortably curled up into a big rotting arm chair with a large mango lassi. The large ceiling fans circulates the hot, humid air. Well dressed business men and beautiful women having evening drinks completes the style and decor.


I have been hanging out here all afternoon. My friend had told me to ask for Arun, and as she promised, it opened up doors to the beautiful backyard garden and hidden guest pool. When the rain started I was escorted to the hotel lobby and here I have been looked after by five servants and had numerous teas.

I had no intention on staying in Colombo but due to lack of planning and the mention of a mutual friend I ended up meeting a Norwegian woman who works as an Feng Shui entrepreneur, and before I knew it I had settled into her guest room. Her house is a vibrant blend of red and violet, oriental and Scandinavian, organization and chaos. She is energetic almost to the point of hyper active and can barely finish a sentence before she starts a new. She is so full of ideas and reflection she doesn’t know where to start.

She runs online Feng Shui courses, webinars, writes newsletters, sales letters and an e-book on mindfulness. She takes language and photography courses, does NLP coaching, astrology readings, yoga and meditation, when she doesn’t hang out with her 20 year younger boyfriend. She goes to Anthony Robbins seminars, watches Oprah before bedtime and has read every inspirational book on self-development there is.

Still, I feel that there is a huge hole to be filled in that big, loving heart of hers.

I will head onwards tomorrow. To the coast or up the headlands. I don’t really know.

I guess we are all just trying to figure out our own path.