Why I am here

I am back in Colombo, at the Gallery Cafe, a perfect oasis from the hustle and bustle outside. 

Here, I can catch up with myself and my intentions.

I have just come back from a week’s trip along the Sri Lankan south coast, via the picturesque Dutch town of Galle, the laidback surfer beach of Weligama, up the misty mountain village of Ella and though the tourist hub Kandy, back down to Colombo.

Despite a quick itinerary I feel like I got a feel of this country and it’s people. More so, I connected with fellow travellers, crossing paths in hostels and cafees and remembering again, those wild days of past travels.

However, I am not here to see the sights or drinks cheap beer in backpacker bars.

I am not here to tick boxes or compare travel stories.

I am not here to prove anything to anyone, find myself or figure something out.

I am simply here because this is where I need to be and this is who I am; a hopeful, light-hearted and loving spirit that is looking for a place to call home, for an indefinite time, whether it be a new country or a familiar place.

I am here because my work in Oslo was done.

I am here because new work awaits me and it is about to change my life forever.

I am here because I am following my inner compass, no matter where it takes me.

And so I decide to leave Sri Lanka earlier than scheduled, for the same reasons.

I fly to Bali tonight with forward focus and an inward smile.