The Ubud effect keeps giving

The Ubud effect keeps giving.

I find myself running into the same people, and presented with the same kinds of deep conversations, in the same kind of raw food restaurants.

Everything is different, yet the same.

Even the two woman from my previous past, who I re-united with on two different occasions, ended up being introduced to each other. Which made me feel like some kind of spider weaving a web around all these women.

There have been such a natural flow of synchronicity and karma since I got here, it can only mean that the teachings are right:

What we give in life is what we get.

First day at my hostel, a new girl came to the dorm. We got talking like you do and it turned out that she had lots both her phone and her camera. I can’t take any photos, she frowned.

For some reason I was travelling with a spare camera. I was going to use it for treks or something (I don’t really remember the reason I packed it) so I gave it to her. I also ended up giving away some pieces of clothes to the young cleaners (because frankly, I had packed too much)

That same night someone else from the hostel ended up giving me her yoga class card. It was some of the best yoga I’ve done in a long time.

Back to the Sri Lankan and the Dutch yoga teacher who lives in Dubai. One was leaving and had a dress she didn’t need. I said I loved it and it was mine. The other was staying three more weeks but had forgotten to pack shorts, so we were browsing the shops one night. The shop was just about to close when she found a pair that fit, but then she realized she hadn’t brought enough money. Familiar with the signs, I gladly opened my wallet.

When we hold on we hold on to the fear of not having or being enough.

When we let go we trust that everything we need will be provided for, at some point, somehow.

And with that, I leave Ubud and go off to volunteer at a Yoga Centre on Gili Islands for a couple of weeks.