Change of career, not of heart

I am at the early stages of changing career.

At the same time, I’ve been doing it all along.

I have always been kind and caring, social and service-minded.

Whether I was scanning groceries at the check-out counter in a supermarket or greeted guests at a reception, I have always been connecting to people and curious about their paths.

I have always wanted to make people happy.

I have always wanted to be happy myself.

This care for myself and my surrounding has brought me to amazing places in my life and I can not say how fortunate I feel to have an amazing network of people, all over the world, that I have shared long or brief moments with.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with love and even a little unworthy, but then I remember that karma works in mysterious ways. And that all I need to focus on is doing my best in every moment and when I don’t, try to correct it the next.

Here’s the big challenge:

Within the next six months I will open my own business and start relying my income on the results I produce.

It’s exciting and scary.

There is a lot of work to be done about my services, whether I should call myself a Health Coach, a Happiness Coach, a Life Coach or just come up with my own definition. At the moment I’m playing around with different names that will best explain what I am about and attract the right customers and clients.

It’s a process.

I obviously need to cultivate good business and time management habits.

I need to focus on end results and learn to close deals, while staying open to new possibilities.

I need to be my own boss, my best colleague and my potential client, at the same time.

But more than anything, I need to be me.

It’s all I got.