Too much of a good thing

Today is a beautiful day.

Like most days, here on Gili Islands, it is sunny and about 30 degrees, the ocean is crystal blue and there is a steady flow of dive boats, bikes and horse-carts, travelers and locals, lounging in beach bars, drinking beers and listening to reggae music.

Sounds like paradise compared to cold, dark Scandinavia right now.

But truth is, I wasn’t feeling it for a couple of days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ve been perfectly happy and appreciative of being here. I have been up by 6 am, sometimes walked down to catch the sunrise at the beach, sometimes stayed in bed with a book before coffee. I’ve done morning yoga classes, hung out at the centre or sat a beach cafes. I’ve made friends and basically been chilling in between work and studies.

But that first excitement was wearing off the second week and I started taking it all for granted.

Also, because I started experiencing the signs of a diet of white rice, fried vegetables, coconut milk and curries, sweet fruits, cakes and beer, I have been feeling heavy and bloated and my skin even started to break out.

For the first time in my life, I am considering a detox!

Interestingly enough, as a Holistic Health Coach student, I should be able to make the right priorities and find creative solutions even with limited resources. But social influence is a big factor to our diets and one food choice tends to lead to the other. Also, the heat and slow pace makes me a lot less focused and alert.

I have found my mood shifting, my sleep changing and an overall feeling of un-ease settling in with the extra kilo or two I’ve gained.

But you know what, I’m not going to obsess about it. In fact, the more we think about a problem sometimes, the bigger it becomes, so I am just going to consider this a necessary reminder, that what we eat influences everything and if I want to achieve some great stuff in life I need to be fit and able to show up for it.

Now, off to yoga class.