Passion bearing fruit

I am back in Ubud. Ubud is back in me.

This time is different though. This time I am staying.

At least long enough to know, where to go from here.

And so it is, when I am picking fresh passion fruits from the garden of the house where I am staying, gazing out on the rice fields and the sun hits my face, that I realize:

I have envisioned this so many times. I have longed for this.


And here I am.

Waking up to the sounds of nature, in a beautiful space where I make my coffee in the morning and the neighbor’s dog comes over for a cuddle, as I sit and reflect on all the experiences and encounters that encircle my life…

How the dots connect and how, if painted by numbers, a beautiful picture appear.

And I can only smile, because it’s still early.

And I have a lot to do.