What my heart knows

Late night reflections, like so many times before.

I have an 8 year long archive to prove it, and sometimes I amuse myself with looking at where I was this exact day a certain year.

It led me back to December 29th 2009 which was in many ways an emotional year, and in all honesty, quite difficult. And it’s not like I have forgotten that, in all these happy moments I find myself now.

On the contrary, it’s all become a part of me.

And I wouldn’t change a single thing.

See, you can not know happiness without having known sadness.

You can not know love, without having, at some point, let go of it.

And I did that this year and it hurt like hell.

But it was necessary for new situations to arise. And I am not talking about romances here, I am talking about the process of becoming who I want to be, and how the only way to constantly know if I am on the right path is to listen to that voice, deep within my heart that knows.

I am sensing the ending of the year and the collective energy of people’s desire for change, for a better future…

And to steal a quote from someone who stole it from someone else:

The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.