When to hold on, when to let go

In the last dying day of the year, I let out a sigh.

Someone holds me tight, and I realize, how much grief I carry, how much healing I crave.

Palm trees are swaying in the distance, a soft breeze plays with my hair.

I am overwhelmed with feelings of change.

Three months ago I had a job, a house and a boyfriend, living in Oslo, Norway.

These days, I wake up in a house by the rice fields outside of Ubud, Bali.

A house that belongs to someone I met randomly on a flight, and everything I carry fits in a backpack; three pairs of shoes, clothes and computers. The rest of my belongs are spread out with three different friends, in three different places in Oslo.

I didn’t know where the year would take me, when we kissed on that hotel roof a year ago.

But it took me to a friend’s surprise party in Copenhagen, a work trip to London, a Cape Town reunion weekend in Barcelona, a first time in New York, a once-in-a-life-time trip to Costa Rica, the Greek Islands with my mom, Koster Islands with Lee’s parents, many awesome pit stops in Sweden, some new places in Norway, and recently, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Bali.

Bad roads

I didn’t know, in the beginning of the year, I’d be making some radical changes.

Like quitting my job at Scandinavia’s most renowned hotel THE THIEF, start studying Holistic Wellness Coaching with the World’s largest nutrition school IIN and brake up my Australian boyfriend one month before we were supposed to be off on a life-changing trip together.

I didn’t know I would board that flight 1st November, myself.

But here I am, another New Year’s Eve approaching, and I will spend it with New friends, in a New setting and situation, opening up to New experiences.

And my answer is Yes.