It’s a wild one

Inspired by the rain that is pouring down, I too sit down to pour my soul.

No one here to catch me but myself.

I try to capture the essence of what is happening but it’s a wild one, one that doesn’t want to be tamed. It’s a woman at the back of a motorcycle in nothing save for a sarong, feeling the soft night air on her skin.

Moments becoming memories for no one but her.

(And the ever-observing Universe)

There is a lot on the roll right now. I can not even begin to convey the feelings of support and acceptance. How the Ubud community has greeted me with open arms, stretching wider every day and deeper into my heart. The synchronicity of encounters and event, the depth of conversations and the budding process of change.

I am changing. Everything is changing.

As much as I have quit jobs, stored my stuff and taken off on unknown adventures in the past, this time is different. Maybe that’s what makes it so hard to grapple. It has a life and will of its own and in my mere attempt to understand it I am trying to contain it.

But no, it wants to dive deep. It wants to explore breath and movement, dance and stillness, touch and taste. Turn things over and look at it from different angles. It’s breaking free from old patterns and creating new paths.

I don’t have the answers yet but I am starting to define the questions

Discovering beautiful, mystical, magical wonders of this world.