A new perspective and aligned purpose

Way up here, with Bali beneath and India before me, my mind becomes the clear sky.

And every event and encounter since I started this journey, white, puffy clouds.

From this perspective, I can start to make more sense of the last four months, and I suddenly feel a need to put it in down in writing, to close this chapter and turn the page.

Leaving Oslo and traveling to Sri Lanka

It’s hard to say exactly what caused the changes that took place in my life last year, but I felt it coming for a while and knew that it was a process beyond my control. So I decided to listen to that voice in my heart, when it told me to start studying to be a Holistic Health Coach, to quit my job in corporate hospitality and that the journey my boyfriend and I were planning together, were actually two people going separate directions. I learnt to let go, little by little, even of those I loved. When I boarded the plane into the unknown, I trusted that even though I had disappointed and hurt people, I was doing the right thing.

Doing daily Yoga & Meditation in Indonesia

I stayed 2,5 weeks at a Yoga & Meditation Retreat on Gili Air Island outside Lombok, volunteering in exchange for room and board. I woke up from the roosters at 5.30 am and went to bed exhausted at 9 pm. I watched beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the beach, I started writing again and discovered a feeling of Light and Lightness within myself, during meditation.

Moving to Ubud & becoming Helen Light

I changed my Facebook name at the end of the year. My last name didn’t resonate with me anymore and my first name – Helen – actually means Light! I didn’t have any particular plan or purpose with it, it just felt right. Of course, having just settled into Ubud, Bali’s spiritual Mecca, where people present themselves as Sky Love, Salt Water Gypsy, and Mountain Dreamer, made it a simple transition.

Getting clear about my Passion..

With the start of the New Year, it was time to get real about the career change and shift of lifestyle that I want to make. With the help of a Passion Test and a Life Coach, I was able to clarify my top three priorities:

Connecting with likeminded, positive, driven people moving forward in life.

Expressing my ideas, insights and personal truth in spoken or written words.

Reflecting joy and inspiring people to find moments of happiness that brings value to life.

And Purpose!

I made the first investment in my future business, by attending a four day Workshop in Conscious Business through Astrology. Through an in-depth Astrology birth chart reading, combined with Shamanic insight, I learnt that I had been a successful business woman in some of my past lives, working in rigid and regulated environments, deprived of pleasure and perhaps even abusing my position.

In this lifetime, I long for beauty and transcendence and my purpose is to break free from the old paradigm of business roles and power and embrace an authentic way of living and working that leads to satisfaction, fulfillment and greater human connection. One of the most evident traits of my chart was my passion for service and abundant universal support.

None of this came to a surprise, of course. I have been put off by the corporate business world my entire life and no matter how many people have encouraged me that I should become ‘this or that manager’ it has never motivated me. Almost as if knowing that I could play that role, but knew who I would become if I did.

The good news is, the World is changing, everything is evolving and business is not what it used to be!

There is so much hope.

And I am coming down for landing.