Mission accomplished

And just like that, they were gone.

My three girlfriends that whirled into this house 2,5 weeks ago and filled it with laughter, spontaneous yoga sessions, deep conversations, lots of raw chocolate and love.

And just as I had imagined, that one night in November when I realized that this trip isn’t about me, but about all the women in my life, they left with hearts full of dreams.

And nothing, absolutely nothing, makes me happier than to see the way people light up when they express their true dreams and desires, and how I may contribute to realizing them.


When they find themselves in the flow of possibilities and can see their path and embrace it fully.

When they start remembering who they really are and what kind of life they really want to live.

And suddenly, visions of that house in Ibiza, that Reiki master course or coaching career doesn’t seem too scary. In fact, not pursuing that dream, would be worse.

I sit back and smile, because this is my life’s purpose:

To shed light onto people’s paths.

To remind them that life can be lived with much more ease. That it’s all just a game. That the fact that we are reading this from a computer or mobile screen, means that we are the lucky ones.

Our happiness can heal the world.

After a blissful week of Bali Spirit Festival, holy water temples, beautiful scenic scooter rides, flower baths and interrupted quality time with my friends, I am ready to get to work.

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So please, let me know how I can be of service for you.

Love & Light,