Top 10 things about Ubud

During these last days in Ubud, I am suddenly gifted with a new set of gratitude glasses.

I am reminded how much I have begun to take for granted.

It happens in the best of places. If you don’t consciously remember to look up and appreciate what is around you, you can go your whole life blind to the fact that you are alive.

And since Ubud stimulates all your senses, it’s easy to feel alive.

Here’s how Ubud ticks my boxes:

The Balinese Community


The Balinese are the most gentle, honest and devoted people I’ve met and you know what the secret is: strong community and practiced spirituality. It is the community that raise children to be humble, honest and righteous, and it is the community spirit that brings people together and to the temples.

The Expat Community


Which has rubbed off on the expats from all over the world, living in Ubud for extended periods of time. I didn’t know what it felt like to belong to a community before Ubud but I understand now that it’s about sharing a vision, as much as the work. To steal a few phrases from a fellow Ubudian:

They are a bunch of stimulating and inspired lovely misfits, people who never accepted, understood or managed to fit in the ‘norm’, who came here, more or less randomly, and stayed because they found a community where they belong. People who want to see a bigger picture, who want to create a life on their own terms, who want to go deeper spiritually, who are ready to understand themselves and to experience new ways of living, working, being.

Spiritual Smorgasbord


Any given day in Ubud, you can choose between going to pretty much any level of yoga class, different styles of meditation, breath-work, soundhealing workshops, women’s circles, men’s circles, both sex belly to belly tantra circles, kirtan singing or ecstatic dancing. All this initiated and brought to you by the expats of Ubud.

Healthy Food


This was one of the main reasons why I chose to stay in Ubud while finishing my online Health Coaching program. There is an abundance of health cafe’s in Ubud, and no raw cake, spirulina smoothie or fresh coconut is ever far.

Feminine Energy


I’ve heard there is a ratio of about 6-8 women to 1 man in Ubud, so no doubt there is a strong feminine energy. Now, you think that would mean trouble (and I’m not saying there’s not on some levels) but because women are expressing their true feminine power, they tend to be much more supportive than competing, which sets a good stage also for men to explore their more vulnerable side. And I’ve never met such mature and wholehearted men.

Healing Nature

Ubud Bali rice fields

Ubud is a nature’s paradise with lush, green landscape all around. Rice fields, rivers, creeks and waterfalls. Even in the centre of the city, you will smell the fragrance of frangipani, hear the crickets and roosters and watch the sun set behind the palm trees. Ubud means ‘medicine’ and no doubt it is medicine for your soul.


In the Balinese Hindu culture, committing crimes would be very bad karma + the whole community would know. I had a Balinese family contact me to give me back my lost iPhone when selling it could have provided them a year’s income. Now, that’s noble. Bad stuff happens everywhere but Ubud is definitely one of the safest places I’ve ever lived.


The mix of West meets East makes it more comfortable and accessible for foreigners to stay longer in Ubud while not miss out on any of the comfort we are so spoilt with at home. The restaurants do home delivery, the supermarkets have everything you need and your scooter takes you anywhere you want to go.

Entrepreneur Friendly


Co-working spaces like Hubud and Tribewanted attracts digital nomads and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The inspiring lifestyle really supports new ideas and creative processes. And did I mention that there is wifi in every cafe and option of high speed internet in many of the villas you can rent?

Perfect Weather

Ubud has tropical climate and warm, sunny climate weather pretty much all year round except for the rain season in January and February. Due to it’s altitude it’s got a lot cooler climate than the south, which suits me perfectly.


I did not know the true meaning of hugs before I moved to Ubud!

Cuddle-puddles are real! 🙂