There is no end, only new beginnings

It’s been exactly one month since I left Ubud.

Those last hours, before leaving, feels both like yesterday and a life time ago.

It was late in the evening and I was alone in the house that had felt like home, lounging casually on the patio to the sounds of geckos, crickets and frogs I had become so familiar with, looking up towards the sky, I would later remember so perfectly.

My bags were packed, the taxi was ordered, the chapter was drawing to an end.

Still I wasn’t able to take it in. I wasn’t able to go ‘there’, to the depth of my feelings.

I wasn’t able to write, because there were simply no words that would do justice to the experiences, encounters and clarity I had come close to.

Somehow, I knew that whatever had been experienced, was not ready to be concluded and completed, but that it was something I would continue to look at, from different angles and perspectives, and find new meanings in for the rest of my life.

So I left the long and sentimental notes be, and did the one thing I had promised myself to do on the first of May: to send out my first newsletter, no matter the fact that I didn’t have a business, website, or product.

It was short and really only sent to a handful of friends but it marked a beginning, much more than en end.

And with that I picked up my bag, walked across the bridge over the garden pond and waved goodbye to the Ganesha statue one last time before I closed the front gate and left to return to Scandinavia.


Today, marks yet a new beginning, as this is the month I will move to Stockholm, into a new home and start a new job.

And as it is the first of June, I will send out my second newsletter.

Not because I have any more of a business, website, specific product or even that much to say, or people that are listening.

But this way, I honor the journey and stay committed to the path.

And that’s truly all we have to do.