What I learnt in 2016

As the year is approaching an end I, like so many others, feel a need to reflect. 

Let’s see if I remember how to…

This time last year, I still kept this blog going. I still shared openly, intuitively, creatively, vulnerably.

These days it seems all I share are ‘inspirational’ quotes and Facebook events.

I don’t even know how to begin reflecting on the last year (not to mention the last 9 years cycle which begins just as I started this blog, but I’ll save that for another post)

There are dots to connect. Clues to discover. Rooms to revisit.

I start by glancing in at the beginning of 2016…




I learnt that it was possible to fall in love with myself.

That I could love the feeling of soft cotton fabric against my skin, the fullness of my hair, my hips, my womanhood. That I was the most magnetic when I was relaxed, receptive, trusting, soft.

I learnt how it feels to be in my Divine Feminine power.

And it changed my life.




I learnt that I had so much to unlearn.

I was attending Women Circles, committing to my Health Coaching studies, joined a Conscious Business network, had a private mentor, connected with really interesting people and attended all kinds of self-exploration workshops and events around Ubud.

And the deeper I went the more I realized, it wasn’t about learning anything new, but about unlearning the old.




A lot of seeds bore fruit, a lot of happiness swept in and I felt on top of the world.

I learnt that everything was available to me, as dreams I had years ago were coming true.

I got a feel of my creative power.

I learnt to keep going, to stay committed, accountable and brave enough to shine.

It was magic.




I learnt that starting a coaching business meant a lot of time in front of a computer!

I learnt that I had a lot to learn about finding balance between work and play, and still a lot of fear and attachment around how other’s perceive me.

This is truly when I decided to commit to my own business, but I still had no idea how.




I learnt how great the contrasts of my life are as i travelled from Bali, back to Oslo, via Rättvik, home to Hudiksvall and finally landed in Stockholm.

A journey that also took me from great confidence to a period of sadness and sickness.

But I learnt to still trust the process and to embrace support.




I learnt that being back in Sweden challenged everything I thought I had achieved.

I learnt that I knew nothing about how to make sense to people back home, much less make be of service to them.

I learnt that there were many processes to be had, and that it was a messy, emotional and extremely frustrating journey.

I learnt that the women in my life were my pillars and the only ones that ‘got’ me.

I discovered that my business were taking a new direction than I had initially foreseen and that it really was about acknowledging the potential in women as leaders. I felt as if I had found a treasure, but still didn’t know how to share it.




I realized how quickly I fell back into old patterns at home.

I  worked too much, was unhealthy, and really doubted myself.

I learnt how difficult it is to change when your environment stays the same.

I remembered that summers in Sweden are often bittersweet to me.

But I managed to stay committed and got my coaching certificate after one year of studies.




I learnt that you don’t get rid of fears, you only find new ways of relating to them.

Somehow, I kept going, made adjustments and although I wasn’t making huge changes, I kept moving forward.

I learnt that a Masculine structure and schedule really supported my Feminine flow and started to really feel more at peace and fully aligned in my personal leadership.




I learnt to say no. To make space. To take a break. To enjoy again. And to dance!

And from there, I was able to reconnect with that feeling I had in the beginning of the year, even though I was in another place.

I learnt that there was so much to appreciate, and that the right people and circumstances were right in front of me.




I learnt to dive in. To start anew.

To create my own workshops and programs and trust that they would serve someone.

I only had to start. The confidence that came from this was amazing!

The response was instant.

I was far from perfect, but I had something to offer.

I felt more like myself than ever, bridging different worlds and finally stepping into my service, as a Women’s Coach.




I had already realized that I was able. That I was ready. That I was enough.

Support was pouring in from all angles.

I learnt to trust and receive.

I learnt that ‘putting myself out there’ didn’t need to be overwhelming.

That I always had choices. That it really is about the small steps we do everyday.



img_2804I learnt to own up to who I am.

I learnt to trust that I am of service to others by being of service to my soul.

I learnt that amazing opportunities open up to me when I allow.

I learnt that life will continue to challenge me and people, not to mention my closed ones, will trigger me, so that I can be even more sure of myself and my mission!

As I glance back at 2016 I acknowledge myself for my bravery.

I learnt that everything has led me to where I am today.

And that there is no other place I’d rather be.