The last post

It’s the last days of 2016. 

9 years have passed since I started writing this blog, in my sunny kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa.

A journey that took me all around the world, into many transitions and processes, back and forth between love and loss, home and away.

Having shared less and less in this space over the last year, I feel strongly called back to this blog now. As if something has come full circle and I need to water the seeds I once sown.

I don’t know yet what this means but I know that this blog is like a box of love letters I’ve been writing myself for the last 9 years, and one day I’ll read through them again with a big smile, realizing how amazing those wild years were.

But now, I feel it’s time to close this box and store it somewhere safe (like my heart) and begin to look forward to the journey ahead.

I’ll be 35 this year. I have a whole new career in front of me, new transitions.

It’s a whole new chapter.

In a never ending book.