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Design your own shoes/life

I have been home for almost a week. And I mean that literally. I have not left the house on more than two occasions; when I went to visit Frida and her family… Continue reading

Who is left to tell?

We pay little attention when people say “take care”, but it is such a considerate thing to say. Taking care of ourselves is our sole responsibility. There is no safety net but our… Continue reading

Comfortable activist


Expressions that make impressions

Feeling: Light, fresh and breezy, delicately indecisive, like leaves dancing on treetops. Slowly changing into autumn outfit, behind eyelids of recognition. Soon I will twirl to the ground. But today, I am up… Continue reading

Conversations with God

I have waited a year to write about a special series of books that I read back in Cape Town. You don’t need to be into “spirituality” to appreciate them, you don’t need… Continue reading

Little books

I fell in love with these books on my visit to the States recently. There are small texts of life, written in an easy, lighthearted but thoughtful way. They speak volume of life’s… Continue reading

Someone else’s words

I was afraid that when I’d get home, I would have nothing to write about. And I don’t. Maybe, being sick in bed with snow falling endlessly outside my window has got something… Continue reading

The power of a woman

I am reading Khaled Hosseini’s book “A thousand splendid suns” and to quote a woman I met in Mozambique: “Every woman should read that book”. She was passing it on to her daughter.… Continue reading

Before Sunrise / Before Sunset

Before Sunrise came out in 1995. It is one of the most precious love stories ever captured on film. The story is about two travellers, an American guy; Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and a… Continue reading

Welcome to the book club

Lotta gave me “Celestine Prophesy” that she borrowed from Chris. I lent “Att komma hem ska vara en schlager” to Maria. Lotta is reading “Under a thousand splendid suns” that Ursula lent me.… Continue reading