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Love and Light

Had her soul  Ever been so light It lit the path Home, Into his arms            

Before sunrise

you are almost asleep i am almost awake we are almost, mostly but this morning this flame ignited by these words I love you set the whole sky on fire


. Light As leaves Surrendering To the Fall . Time is separation Love is the only now . P. S Feel free to share what you see and feel about this picture which I… Continue reading

Look out for my love

and there I was on a hotel bed window wide open to the sounds of a late summer city   looking out wondering if you were somewhere looking in wondering the same thing… Continue reading

For every woman’s power

For every woman’s silence I will speak loud and clear For every woman’s worry I will face my greatest fear For every woman’s worth I will stand up and fight For every unrighteousness… Continue reading

One day

one day, these truths will be told by the new generation: how off, how old! though a mayfly lives and dies a million times it has still touched the seamless sky and changed… Continue reading

Give up the ghost

if I never see your face again if I never find the words that sifts jewels out of sand then that’s just how it goes new constellations will form like lovers do

Vertical horizons

  I tilt my head until you become a vertical horizon. A million hesitations stacked upon each other… Love. Fear. Stay. Leave. Yes. No.   The drawing decision expanding to let light in… Continue reading


cranes hovering over the city building traffic lanes in the sky as if to reach higher than the birds are able to fly   they call it construction progress but they use bricks… Continue reading

Spell of rain

There’s a spell of rain across the sky Days drizzle by, not like a stream that runs Over stones and timber, roaring and thriving Towards the greater depth, but rather softly My fingertips… Continue reading