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Let it drop

wet ink stain a key and a note waving reeds a piano is pleading; let it drop let it drop

Åka tåg

om du kan lova mig guld och gröna skogar en lönngång som alltid leder hem aldrig leder bort så ska jag anförtro en hemlighet avstånd är bara på låtsas och det mesta går… Continue reading

Running this time of year

Running in the forest Sweet smell of spruce and sawdust, and home The air mends with my skin, my sunlit face, And my legs, seem to have a life of their own Wild… Continue reading

Just this once, upon a time

Once upon a time, people still believed time was made up By days and nights and planets spinning around a mighty sun They tried to measure its magnitude and calculate its command The… Continue reading

Sing it Princess-sis Sara!

My little sister graduates from high school today and turns 19 tomorrow. I remember the first time I saw her. My brother and I were nine and ten and it was late when… Continue reading

No thieves

There are no thieves Nothing can be stolen What wrong lies in a crime Committed for the right reason Let there be No sin, no sorrow With the morning light Earth will return… Continue reading


ljumma andetag mot min nacke, du viskar på mitt modersmål, jag känner mig rotlös och rastlös, och säger att antagligen är det den tiden på året, då vi förskönar allt och tänker, att… Continue reading


she tastes the wine and swallows metallic sweetness down her throat come tomorrow, lingering in the air loosed up buttons, let down hair a slip-up and and a slithering roué, roar, row the… Continue reading

Wings of proficiency

Birds and airplanes of the sky held by the hands of clouds and thrust of evolution they circle side by side, on wings of proficiency but only one of them, knows why

The beginning (I can wait)

Stranger, I can’t wait to love you your face, concealed in the humble glimpses of light reflected in people’s eyes, I have met on the streets, I have let men’s embrace and undying… Continue reading