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Moon butterflies

your eyelashes gatekeeper dwelling soil for water on the fairest of a haunted African continent now i know, you are in the world


How do you cry tonight Haiti? How do you do? What buries in a ruin, what remains of a home? A whisper, oh what do I know? Mankind is no island, we hear you.

Recycling redemption

In the moment when the leaf let’s go of the branch, it asks the tree; will you forgive my sorrow? And the tree answers; it was rooted in me, so please forgive my… Continue reading

Keep the hurt at bay

White sheets lay covered over her sea Where she drifts into an oblivious reverie… Hands tangled up in her pillow A prisoner in her castle made of air Below, broken heroes fall at… Continue reading


What am I But the fuel that sparks your fire The encore of the song that keeps playing In an empty space of you heart What are you But the wind that I… Continue reading

So the story goes

I met my soul and she showed me the cross where our paths united in the sky we wrote pages and sent them off like airplanes she said, nothing is lost in love… Continue reading

Race against reason

running… out of words out of this town . clock stikes and tides render another night while I’m running… . stars keep a secret of mine cookies in the cupboard a hidden jar… Continue reading

Morning glory

I want to live in a country house with a herb garden eat sun ripe tomatoes tickle toes on green wet morning grass wake the sun up with freshly brewed tea and love… Continue reading

Smiling silence

in the car on the way home from the supermarket he tells her how happy he is to wake up next to her and how great everything is when she is around and… Continue reading

Free love amulets

he gave her a guardian angel to keep her safe on her travels and he gave her a heart to tell her how much he would miss her when she was gone