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The flood

brave, brave bird soaring salty oceans all that subsists in every moment in between us there is a tidal wave rousing to my shores and down my face still I love you so… Continue reading

I’ve got you…

I’ve got you and a lot to do I’ve got you inside my suitcase I’ve got you on my way home I’ve got you in my empty thoughts my skin prays for you… Continue reading

Sandvalla – årgång ’95

skolgården ligger öde en molnfri natt och doften av ny fallna äpplen vi kämpade för att nå så högt från taket snuddade vi stjärnorna vi visste kanske redan då, men ville inte förstå… Continue reading

Mio, min väns Mio

My best friend had a baby about 6 months ago. Actually, it was two weeks after I had left for Cape Town. So being home now, this was the first time I saw… Continue reading

Wine fridays

slow connection but hey, i got wine friday night and a lot to do but hey, i got music tomorrow is not today and who knows when I will find myself barefoot in… Continue reading

A winter in July

It’s winter in Cape Town. On some days this means 22 degrees, a soft sunlight, a clear blue sky and sharp mountains, a fresh ocean breeze, less waiting for taxis, beautiful empty beaches… Continue reading

Pleasure is all yours

smile away with me we will make the clouds sail away this is how it feels a million moments at once pleasure is all yours baby