freckled skin watermelon delicacy diamond drops resting in a collar bone pool lazy gaze baby got style

Organization day

My (open) plan was to go catch the train to Muizenberg after work yesterday. Stay over at my buddies’ house and then spend today in Kalk Bay, chill out at Olympia Café, check… Continue reading

The best salad in the world

This is possibly the best salad in the world (and I have had that reviewed from a person who knows what he is talking about 😉 Remember where you saw it first! It… Continue reading

La lala…life is Wonderful

Read me

I went to a psychic*. Now, a feeling of excitement, reassurance and a slight anxiety is rushing through me. Is she right? Is this the only truth? Can I change this or is… Continue reading

The Box

Keep your foot in the box, but your mind outside Lorena, Maria and Me

Across the universe

Alright, I’m back! Sorry about the temporarily depressing sound of yesterday’s post. My life is of course incredibly fantastic and perfect still. In fact, it may sound like it is all confused and… Continue reading

Unclear ice

I don’t always know how to explain. Maybe sometimes I shouldn’t even try. Tonight I will write my diary instead of a blog post. At least, to me, it all makes sense. I… Continue reading

Save the Planet with Chocolate

This was on my desk when I got to work. A little gift from my darling amica Lorena. And yes, I do believe we can save the Planet with Chocolate. Chocolate being Love.

One (the infinite yes)

pure passion in each chord that seizes my heart binding a nest in which I place your soul as it becomes my own I whisper to my self I love you