Music and Numbers

“Feist-radio” on lastfm includes Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Stars, Kings Of Convenience, José Gonzales, Broken Social Scene, Iron and Wine, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes. Lit candles and an open window. The chimes are… Continue reading

Words wide night

somewhere on the other side of this wide night and the distance between us I am thinking of you …the room is turning slowly away from the moon this is pleasurable or shall… Continue reading

Karma Love

So. much. love. In my life. It overflows my eyes. The power is beyond me. I can not hide from it. It streams through my blinds. It sweeps me off my feet, but… Continue reading

Why do we stop playing?

I wanted to write something smart. I have been so full of ideas, thoughts and emotions lately. But somehow I can’t gather them enough to get it down in writing. So instead I… Continue reading

Jimi Hendrix – Angel

Angel come down from heaven yesterday She stayed with me just long enough for afternoon tea And she tell me a story yesterday About the love between the moon and the deep blue… Continue reading

Create your life

You can make a living. Or you can create a life.

Commit to the wave

When many people tell you the same thing you start to believe it, right? And when you start to believe it you start to tell yourself that it is possible and true…right? But… Continue reading

Always you

This weekend I spent with the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the waves, the rum and lime, the guitar, the tent, the fire, the braii, the rock pool, the smooth water,… Continue reading


Forgive my Swedish poems, but some things can not be translated. I think and dream a lot in English, I have noticed. But I count in Swedish. And some Swedish expressions I wouldn’t… Continue reading


varför så känslosam lilla blomman vill inte böja sig i vinden men hon är så romantiskt lagd och gråter så lätt när regnet faller herr sol, även i hans mest obärmhärtiga hetta torkar… Continue reading