The memory of now

I just got home after a superb dinner at Savoy Cabbage, here in Cape Town. Me and Ursula started off with lobster on a bed of selected salads, fresh raspberries, shiitake mushrooms, white… Continue reading

For Lorena

when you come around for a coffee and a chat and you ask if you may, I smile, and say that you are welcome any time a day when you shine your light… Continue reading

Just do it

What is it in the air? I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the past 4 days. I am restless. But I don’t know why. I have got so much energy. But… Continue reading

La famiglia

I don’t know why I have been writing so much about my family lately. Somehow, being away from them, has brought me closer to them. I just spoke to my mother. She was… Continue reading

Mr Winter

Late November still no snow Mr Winter is waiting on the subway like everyone else for a second there you almost had me fooled I belong to nobody and nobody is always around… Continue reading

It’s about love

I was brought up knowing only unconditional love. Some of the first memories of love that I can recall are the ones of my mother. When she returned from work, opening the hallway… Continue reading

Lazy lover

rest your beautiful bones between my thighs lay a glimpse of your desires on me your lows, your highs come in lust even for unspoken reasons, for your branches upwards, outwards, side ways… Continue reading

I feel it all

I don’t know where to begin this blog post. I just know that I need to write it. Excuse me if my thoughts seem a little scattered. They are. I had two intense,… Continue reading


Me, La Maria and Bella Lorena (aka Charlies Angels) Fruit coctails, white sand, hammocks, siestas, beach walks, swimming, snorkeling, shellfish, fresh food, admiring the sunsets, dancing all night, laughing, being chicas locas, checking… Continue reading

Trött dikt

jag är trött på fina dikter jag är trött och behöver sova kanske är det det vackraste att få sova och vakna upp och skriva en dikt