My father

My dad is visiting me in Cape Town. I have a cool relationship with my dad, but as all family relationships, it is complexed. My parents met in Greece when my dad was… Continue reading

What’s your experience?

There is so much talk about experience these days. In college I even studied theoretically the factors of an experience. I learnt that an experience is created when it exceeds the expectations. Further,… Continue reading

Pour my soul

my shoreline, I am moving towards you writing the waves of this letter, of my love reaching out for you lost in the haze I feel my heart, and there you are I… Continue reading

Welcome to the book club

Lotta gave me “Celestine Prophesy” that she borrowed from Chris. I lent “Att komma hem ska vara en schlager” to Maria. Lotta is reading “Under a thousand splendid suns” that Ursula lent me.… Continue reading

The words I say

I googled my blog (as if you haven’t googled yourself?) and found a site that had taken random words from my blog and put them together. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a… Continue reading

It’s about time

I fell for this hourglass in an artshop the other day. The text really spoke to me: “Don’t count every hour of the day, make every hour count” Isn’t time the most mind… Continue reading

Secret Smile

I don’t need to know I don’t need nothing but this smile on my face everything is already mine

What you resist, persists

I’d like to continue on the topic law of attraction because this is one of the major truths and causes of our reality. Of our world today. There is so much into this,… Continue reading

Routine vs no routine

I am a no routine kind of person. Maybe that is my routine. To never decide anything in advance. Always act out of free will when the moment arises. Surprise myself. I don’t… Continue reading


One of my absolute favourite places, since I was little, has been book shops. Actually, book shops and art stores. Anything with letters, paper and pens and I can spend hours looking, strolling,… Continue reading