I’ve got you…

I’ve got you and a lot to do I’ve got you inside my suitcase I’ve got you on my way home I’ve got you in my empty thoughts my skin prays for you… Continue reading

Sandvalla – årgång ’95

skolgården ligger öde en molnfri natt och doften av ny fallna äpplen vi kämpade för att nå så högt från taket snuddade vi stjärnorna vi visste kanske redan då, men ville inte förstå… Continue reading

Mio, min väns Mio

My best friend had a baby about 6 months ago. Actually, it was two weeks after I had left for Cape Town. So being home now, this was the first time I saw… Continue reading

Peas & Love Pics

Here I some pics from the Peas & Love Party that we had in Muizenberg to celebrate me and Lorena’s Birthdays! I think they speak for them selves…

On a train…

I’m on the X2000 fast train from Stockholm to Hudiksvall. I love this train. It represents the best of Sweden. The modern design, the environment friendly technological solution, the neat and tidiness. The… Continue reading

Another good day in Cape

Today – like all other days, was a good day. And yes, my back is killing me with every breath, but what can I do? Hold my breath? Not for long. No, I… Continue reading

Broken back = no boogie

How do you say ryggskott in English? Back shot?? Well, it sure feels like a shot, or hundreds of knives on the left hand side of my back. I can not walk, talk… Continue reading

Att komma hem… (homecoming)

I have been gone for six months. I haven’t been home sick once. But it’s funny what happens when you KNOW you are heading home, even when it’s just for a two weeks… Continue reading

Men are from Mars

Me and the girls were drinking bag in box rosé in the High Cape bedroom yesterday and being really girly, trying out accessories and fixing each others hair. It could have been a… Continue reading

Before the party…

The wine is waiting at Maria’s place. The beers are keeping cool in the fridge. The girls are gonna look hot. The guys have been watching the SA vs OZ rugby game earlier at the… Continue reading