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A million worth of sunrises

Lately, my days have turned into nights and nights into long waken hours. I have rested my eyes on the approaching sunlight instead of my pillow and embraced the rousing sensation of nature,… Continue reading

My room, and I

I look across my room. It has lived with and without me for 27 years. How have I treated this room? Have I respected the sanctuary it has offered me, in moments of… Continue reading

Breathing life

Isn’t it ironic that when you travel you feel more alive than ever, still people say that being home, is life? I’ve heard it a lot since I got back from South Africa.… Continue reading

Tussilago – a sign of spring

I took my mother’s old bike out for a real round of the countryside where I live. Horses were running, tractors were humming and birds were fluttering over the mudded fields and the… Continue reading

A blade of grass

You ask for a poem I offer you a blade of grass You say it is not good enough You ask for a poem . I say this blade of grass will do… Continue reading


A week of moaning, crying, wondering and wandering only to arrive here. In my old bed in my childhood’s room with a cup of tea on one side and a slice of mud… Continue reading

Smiles for miles

It is 5.45 in the morning and I am lying in my bed, listening to the subtle sounds of chimes outside my window for the very last time. Soon, the prayers from Bo… Continue reading

Wild spirits fly off route

I have not yet travelled the world. I do not know the secrets of the universe, or even why I prefer letters to numbers. I do not know why the moon has an… Continue reading

Music and Numbers

“Feist-radio” on lastfm includes Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Stars, Kings Of Convenience, JosĂ© Gonzales, Broken Social Scene, Iron and Wine, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes. Lit candles and an open window. The chimes are… Continue reading

Karma Love

So. much. love. In my life. It overflows my eyes. The power is beyond me. I can not hide from it. It streams through my blinds. It sweeps me off my feet, but… Continue reading