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The magic of the moment

Right here, in the little hippie town of Pai, in Northern Thailand. Right now, warm blues music infusing the cool evening air. Me, leaning back in this open internet spot’s leather chair having… Continue reading

Leaving the loved ones

Im on the train from Hudiksvall to Stockholm. A route I’ve taken a thousand times. But with me I’ve got flight tickets to Indonesia, South East Asia and India, trips I’m taking for… Continue reading

Pearl Jam, YES!

What stories will you tell your grandchildren? What memories will you look back upon? I know I will have a few, and that I just added a new. It’s a story about a… Continue reading

Wherever you go, there you are

I’m at Café Laundromat. It’s cold and raining outside but inside the café is buzzing with people’s chatter, jazz music, porcelain, coffee machine and service bells. I’m on my second cup of double… Continue reading

Blossoming Thursday

Just to let you know, I’m back on track and full of energy! Not only did I just receive these beautiful flowers from a guest for something as obvious as giving them a… Continue reading

Photographs of days that pass

I found these going through old photographs at home. One is from say, 1992 and the other one from 2007. 2012 is just a flip of a page away. I made a calender… Continue reading

Smiles and snowflakes

I can’t stop smiling. It’s been going on for two days now. It’s everything. From talking to a close friend the other day, remembering what a great thing we got, to the response… Continue reading

Employee of the Year, Cheers!

Saturday night at home: a big bowl of dark Belgian chocolate ice-cream and my “Acoustic Sounds – Live” Spotify Playlist. I had a wild night yesterday that involved many Caipirinhas and a lot… Continue reading

Xmas market, still no snow

Maria stayed in bed today as I took a walk back to BLÅ and passed by Vulkan on the way. I smiled at all the fun I had Friday and Saturday, but today… Continue reading

The art of (smiling while) tightrope walking

It’s almost 2 a.m but I can’t sleep. I’m restless and… I feel like a million emotions and thoughts are stirring within me, like a big soul pot I’ve kept a lid on… Continue reading