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Saturdays of our lives

Saturday night. High heels pacing down the street. People chatting, drinking. Taxi cars rushing by. And as usual: the sound of the neighbour’s foot steps, running around, stamping, stomping on the floor. What… Continue reading

Putting thoughts into practise

The last day of September brought the last day of summer warmth. I brought Maria up to the hill to celebrate her birthday. I had prepared a barbeque and a cake with candles… Continue reading

A friend-ship comes loaded…

I’m off today and my only plan is to have no plan. – Be grateful that you have so many people in your life, someone reminded me when I said that there had… Continue reading

Story time

You know, being here, isn’t just an everyday routine for me. Like all the places I have lived I really take things in. You don’t know this, but I put together phrases, sentences,… Continue reading

The more, the merrier

On Sunday I met up with Moa and her sister Hanna and we went to the Nobel Peace Center. Apart from being a super inspiring and creative Center, there was a photo exhibition… Continue reading

Pretty busy living

If I don’t update as often these days it’s because I’m trying to fit my busy work schedule (10 days in a row now) with friends and family coming to visit (6 people… Continue reading

Some indulgence

I don’t start work until 3 p.m. so I had plenty of time at the gym this morning while the rain was tapping the windows of the SATS ceiling. When I got home… Continue reading

Piloxing, Pilates, Parties and People

I just came back from Ashtanga yoga class, held by an Indian, quite attractive, young man. Relax your body and surrender to your breath, he repeated with a soothing and set voice. I… Continue reading

Sailing through sunny weather

If my eyes were camera lenses with a built-in automatic smile-snapshot function, I would have tons of beautiful pictures to show you from the last couple of days. If my ears were recorders… Continue reading


I have been here two weeks now. And for two weeks I have felt absolutely amazing. I had forgotten what it feels like to be so much at ease. In fact, sometimes I… Continue reading