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A trip, or three

Excuse the silence. I’ve been away on a trip, or three. It was about time I went to visit one of my best friends, Lorena, who has moved back to Switzerland after four… Continue reading

Euphoria and the return to Båstad

What did you do five years ago? What did your life look like? What were your dreams, or at least your plans? Me, I was 25 and was finishing a tourism and service… Continue reading

Catching trains, catching up

Two weeks ago it was the end of summer. Now, it is beginning of autumn… Swedish summer is sweet but short. I am so glad I got August. Leaving the job in Lofoten… Continue reading

Coming home, to go away

I sometimes wonder what it is that made me such a drifting spirit. Or is the spirit always a drifter and its the mind that keeps everything in place? Maybe, it requires for… Continue reading