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Imagine – Jack Johnson’s version

1. This is one of the best songs ever written. 2. I’m a sucker for creative graphic design. 3. Jack Johnson’s soft voice brings a new calm to the song. 4. The Instant… Continue reading

A marvelous night for a moon dance

A full moon is shining tonight, like a silver drop in the sky. Everything is crystal clear. I take a deep breath and let it form into a cloud as I exhale. My… Continue reading

I’m wide awake, it’s morning

Daylight is moving across the frozen morning painting. Immaculate white snow lay like a deep cover over the landscape, as if Earth wishes to sleep a little longer, sleep until spring. But the… Continue reading

Cya later Cape Town!


While you were sleeping

There is so much beauty happening while we are asleep… The golden moon setting in the ocean. The stars sparkling up above Camps Bay nightlife music slowly fading in the background. People leaving… Continue reading

Take me there

Take me to the places on earth that teach you how to dance, the places where you can risk letting the world break you heart, and I will take you to the places… Continue reading

Basia Bulat – click and listen!

Click on the link: Basia Bulat, Annedalskyrkan, Way Out West from Helen on Vimeo.

Ultimate freedom

Waking up early, a warm embrace. Freshly brewed coffee, we open all the windows and set the wind free in the apartment. I put on my jogging shoes, iPod charged with artists I… Continue reading

Be of good heart (Patti Smith)

Having my breath what more could I wish for. All of my being rose to this pursuit. I had the advantage of the sky with its ability to become, in the twinkling of… Continue reading

Ring of reminders

Music should never be harmless. Love makes the impossible possible. Life is your empty canvas.