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Searching for Sugarman

I FINALLY got a chance to watch the Swedish produced Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugarman, on my flight from Cape Town to Stockholm. And I FINALLY understand the hype! What a moving… Continue reading

Slap-kiss me

Sometimes I just want to slap you hard! He said with a smile before he leant down and kissed me. I was complaining about being emotionally stressed out, showing my friend around the… Continue reading

Something new to remember

From the eight floor apartment and through the open three metres high windows I see the sun slowly setting behind the mountain and the easy, breezy golden day is exchanged to a much… Continue reading

Happy (New) Year!

Happy New Year people!!! Sorry for the silence, I’ve been busy chilling out on Cape Town’s beautiful beaches, sipping coctails in the sunset, going on coastal road trips, admiring the breathtaking views, remembering… Continue reading

I’m going travelling!

It’s the first of May and I’ve worked at the Hotel Savoy for exactly one year. And ironically, exactly one year later I tell them I’m leaving. Here it is: I’m going travelling… Continue reading

Had I been in Cape Town today…

Today I’ve been missing Cape Town. Maybe because it’s Sunday… The best day for having pancakes for breakfast. I would add a delicious Mocha from Vida e Caffé or herbal tea at Birds.… Continue reading

Cya later Cape Town!


While you were sleeping

There is so much beauty happening while we are asleep… The golden moon setting in the ocean. The stars sparkling up above Camps Bay nightlife music slowly fading in the background. People leaving… Continue reading

Sturdy up your heart

Sitting on the balcony in a summer dress, sipping on an afternoon drink. The white cotton drape of clouds are just brushing the edges of the mountain and the breeze is caressing my… Continue reading

Small world eh!

Cape Town has a population of over 3,5 million people, covering a large area of suburbs and townships. But that is hard to realize, when I stroll the streets of the city centre,… Continue reading