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The Target

The target is the objective to be attained. It was chosen by you. Here lies the beauty of the path: you can never apologize by saying that the adversary was stronger. Because it… Continue reading

Mahatma Gandhi’s Way

1. Change “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is… Continue reading

Communication and Love

Two corner stones in all relationships, but to build a sustainable, successful partnership, what do you believe is more important? Let’s start by looking at the correlation between the two. I think communication… Continue reading


A week of moaning, crying, wondering and wandering only to arrive here. In my old bed in my childhood’s room with a cup of tea on one side and a slice of mud… Continue reading

Ain’t no sunshine (in Sweden in March)

Once again, I’m on a fast train in Sweden sitting in a little private compartment with panorama windows. In the periphery of my eye, a silent film is flashing by with a dull,… Continue reading

Ups, downs and forwards

The sunlight hits a cd in the window that cast its reflection onto the ceiling and becomes a heart. Right in between me and Lorena, in our white bare shoulder’s dresses. Two angels… Continue reading

Commit to the wave

When many people tell you the same thing you start to believe it, right? And when you start to believe it you start to tell yourself that it is possible and true…right? But… Continue reading

What’s your experience?

There is so much talk about experience these days. In college I even studied theoretically the factors of an experience. I learnt that an experience is created when it exceeds the expectations. Further,… Continue reading

Right now…

I need to change the music – this is too heartbreaking I need to change my ways – in what way I am not sure I need to stop smiling – it gets… Continue reading