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What do you (really) do?

I never know what to answer when people ask where I live. Or what I do. It seems people have a hard time to grapple me. Probably because the explanations are too difficult… Continue reading

Where can one always find happiness?

…see the dictionary under the letter ‘H’ – only there will you always find happiness! In life things are very mixed up. Day and night are together, so are happiness and unhappiness. Life… Continue reading

Being perceptive is the key to service

I studied tourism and service management, a definition hard to clarify. The tourism industry IS the largest industry of the world (according to the World Bank) and the most important source of income… Continue reading

The Universe knows

Helen, if you knew of the power you possessed, at this very moment, you’d cry, and cry, and cry. And then, feel light as a feather. ( Oh, The Universe can be so utterly… Continue reading


A friend of mine told me the other day how much she enjoys reading my blog. I was of course, happy to hear that and perhaps a little moved by her compliments. I… Continue reading

Airports see it all the time

It is a sunny winter’s day today. My brother is here and the day started off with a little brother-sister quarrel. Why is he always so insensitive? Why couldn’t he just sneak out,… Continue reading

The ocean and the sky

My dad made a comment on the post below. He said: I know what we should give Helen for her birthday…a clear blue sky and an open sea! Well, the sky wasn’t clear… Continue reading

Communication and Love

Two corner stones in all relationships, but to build a sustainable, successful partnership, what do you believe is more important? Let’s start by looking at the correlation between the two. I think communication… Continue reading

What do YOU think about this blog?

My childhood friend and I went on a 55 kilometres bike ride to Hölick, a small fishing village in a nature reserve, out by the coast of where we live. It was a… Continue reading


I have not written in a while because I am at a place beyond words I am in the brimful silence and the roaring desire, all at once I am inside and out… Continue reading