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if I could crane myself into your wheel of thoughts grasp the imperceptible, that lingers in your silence when you cease to speak (or you think you do) maybe I would understand what… Continue reading

Someone else’s words

I was afraid that when I’d get home, I would have nothing to write about. And I don’t. Maybe, being sick in bed with snow falling endlessly outside my window has got something… Continue reading

Read me

I went to a psychic*. Now, a feeling of excitement, reassurance and a slight anxiety is rushing through me. Is she right? Is this the only truth? Can I change this or is… Continue reading


Forgive my Swedish poems, but some things can not be translated. I think and dream a lot in English, I have noticed. But I count in Swedish. And some Swedish expressions I wouldn’t… Continue reading

My father

My dad is visiting me in Cape Town. I have a cool relationship with my dad, but as all family relationships, it is complexed. My parents met in Greece when my dad was… Continue reading

The words I say

I googled my blog (as if you haven’t googled yourself?) and found a site that had taken random words from my blog and put them together. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a… Continue reading

Routine vs no routine

I am a no routine kind of person. Maybe that is my routine. To never decide anything in advance. Always act out of free will when the moment arises. Surprise myself. I don’t… Continue reading

Rays of light

In the supermarket we rush around in circles. Our minds on the dinner we need to prepare, on prices that have gone up, on bills that should have been paid. We gently feel… Continue reading