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Organic cooking class

I’ve done some amazing things during my still very short stay in Bali but if there is ONE thing I would recommend to everyone, it is Green Kitchen Cooking Class! Words to not describe… Continue reading

Some indulgence

I don’t start work until 3 p.m. so I had plenty of time at the gym this morning while the rain was tapping the windows of the SATS ceiling. When I got home… Continue reading

Making or spending money

It’s really no joke to say that Norway is expensive. Shopping is a conflicted mission. For more than a year I have been choosing to buy almost all my groceries organic or fair… Continue reading

Salsa success

Don’t you just love good complementary food? The matches made in heaven. Brie cheese and fig marmalade… Honey coated crispy walnuts in a juicy pear salad… Peanut butter on Granny Smith apples… Chocolate fudge… Continue reading