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November haze

Monday and a new start of some sort. I caught the classic dragged out November cold and can’t remember when I last felt energetic or refreshed. As if someone had pulled a thick… Continue reading

Light and darkness

These is the darkest days of the year. Sun rises at 9 a.m and sets at 3 p.m. But oh, those sunrises and sunset make all the darkness worth while!

Good night, good morning

I walk along the waterfront in the early morning. It’s dark and quiet. Not even the sea gulls make a sound. Crossing bridges, water and concrete. At work there is warmth. Fire places,… Continue reading

Blue Monday

I didn’t realize what was wrong with this day until I read somewhere that it’s Blue Monday – one of the longest, most dull and boring days of the year – and you… Continue reading

What if I leave…

It is 2 am and I am listening to music, up in my room. The song “What If I Leave” by Rachael Yamagata, a singer-songwriter that my old house mate introduced me to… Continue reading

No thieves

There are no thieves Nothing can be stolen What wrong lies in a crime Committed for the right reason Let there be No sin, no sorrow With the morning light Earth will return… Continue reading