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Easter (things can wait)

It’s the Monday of this never-ending Easter. Easter in Norway starts a weekend earlier than in the rest of the world. By noon on Friday people start packing up the office to go… Continue reading

God Påske!

I was so confused when people started saying “Happy Easter” already yesterday. Easter isn’t until next weekend, i thought. At least not in Sweden. In Sweden, Monday to Wednesday are usual workdays and… Continue reading

Easter egg filled with L♥VE

My Easter egg was filled with so many great moments, so much sweetness and so many smiles! It came beaming with 23 degrees and sunshine. It had the fragrance of spring, the image… Continue reading

Easter = family time

The sun is shining and the snow is gone. This morning when I walked to work I didn’t plug my earphones in. I listened to the chirping birds. We made it through another… Continue reading