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Dad & daughter weekend

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with visitors and work, ending last weekend with my Dad coming on Friday and my dear friend Vusi going back to South Africa on Sunday. In… Continue reading

Midsummer and more

I work A LOT these days. I don’t have any vacation except for the last days of August and the first of September. Until then, I work pretty much 6 days a week.… Continue reading

Weekend in Göteborg

My sister studies in Gothenburg which is just 3,5 hours from Oslo and last weekend our dad took a road trip down to meet us there. Picnics, barbecues, sunshine, cliffs, ocean, strawberries, shopping,… Continue reading

The unpredictable sky

The colours of summer: Green grass, blossoming lilacs, blue skies and a big bright sun. But more than anything, it’s the smell. The sweetest perfume unbottled. I run along the river. I go… Continue reading


During the journey some things I have learnt during the journey it isn’t always the names of the stations that are significant but rather who will meet you on the platform when you… Continue reading

In transit

I am at my dad’s house in Rättvik, Dalarna. The sun is glistening on the snow-covered fields outside. I keep warm by the fireplace inside. Five days ago, I arrived Stockholm looking like a… Continue reading

Holidays are over

From across the room, piles of stuff are starring at me screaming: Get Packing! But I choose to lie here in bed with a purring cat by my side. Just a little longer.… Continue reading

Distance got nothing on us

I woke up way too early in my friend’s apartment with last night’s makeup and an aching head. But the sun was shining and I had an important Skype date to attend… No… Continue reading

The magic of the moment

Right here, in the little hippie town of Pai, in Northern Thailand. Right now, warm blues music infusing the cool evening air. Me, leaning back in this open internet spot’s leather chair having… Continue reading

My heart is packed and ready to go

It’s the day of departure. My bag is packed, my boarding pass is printed. I have booked a place to stay for the first night, a spiritual little retreat in Ubud, right next… Continue reading